About The LA Organizer

The Personal Home Organizer - Nancy DrobnisNancy Drobnis, MBA, is the founder of The LA Organizer based in Los Angeles. As a leading Professional Organizer, Nancy serves a wide range of clients: people who are compulsive buyers, busy and overwhelmed people, people with chronic disorganization, ADHD, ADD, and hoarding disorders.

Nancy’s approach combines her organizing and coaching skills with the knowledge of how to maximize her client’s unique abilities. She has been organizing her own and other people’s spaces as far back as she can remember! She is passionate about clearing clutter, reorganizing kitchens and closets and solving space problems in homes or offices. She even gets excited about cleaning out garages!

Nancy holds to the strictest code of ethics and confidentiality. She makes no judgment and her goal is to find customized solutions to remove clutter and disorganization from her client’s lives while achieving ease and efficiency in their personal and professional surroundings.


  • Drastically reduce clutter in small and huge spaces
  • Organize every room in the apartment/house
  • Declutter and organize garages
  • Assist in moves from tiny apartments to 10,000 sq. ft. homes
  • Unpack and put away belongings in moves of various sizes
  • Facilitate downsizing for older, retired and divorced people
  • Provide personal organizing instruction for individuals with mild cognitive impairment, ADD, and ADHD.
  • Facilitate space planning
  • Establish and organize numerous home offices
  • Execute errands and personal assistant projects
  • Perform Internet research and special assignments
  • Produce meetings for 15 or more people
  • Organize work stations including file management systems
  • Teach recycling and organizing strategies
  • Foster student organizing