Portrait of teacher woman working in classroomAre you one of the more than 8 million adults affected by ADD/ADHD?

If so, The LA Organizer can help you or someone you care about who suffers from this disorder.

Nancy is nonjudgmental and offers extensive experience helping people overcome the embarrassment and shame that often comes with ADD and ADHD. She knows how to work with people who are chronically disorganized from ADD or ADHD.

If you have ADD you probably have a hard time staying focused and get distracted easily. You may forget to pay your bills on time and have to pay late fees. You may frequently lose your keys, phone and glasses. Managing your time and keeping everything in its place can be a problem.

The LA Organizer will help simplify your life by de-cluttering your space and minimizing distractions. Nancy will help you develop systems to keep your things in order and help you stay on track. You will learn how to become and then to stay organized.

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