Help With Hoarding


THE LA ORGANIZER provides gentle, respectful, non-judgmental help with hoarding issues. Hoarding is an involved disorder that makes it difficult to discard anything because of the feeling that everything needs to be saved. A person feels very stressed about the idea of getting rid of items. So, things accumulate and take over the space in their home, sometimes making it difficult to even walk.

Compulsive shopping is a common way people that hoard obtain their stuff. About half of the people who hoard, excessively collect freebies. Some people collect food wrappers and packing materials. Typically, valuable or important items get lost in the piles of clutter.

In addition to keeping too many items, most people with hoarding issues have difficulty organizing their things. They struggle to make decisions, so they just end up moving things from one pile to the next, or churning. This overabundance of stuff usually interferes with their relationships; the inability of the person who hoards to clear the clutter frustrates friends and family.

Working with a Professional Organizer and a mental health professional is a great team approach. Since very few therapists come to the home, hiring a Professional Organizer provides the crucial hands-on approach.

Nancy Drobnis will teach de-cluttering skills like sorting things into 3 main categories: keep, toss and donate. She will also help the client develop routines like sorting mail and bills on a daily basis. The use of storage containers and file folders are instrumental in becoming organized. Nancy can also develop customized systems for filing papers and daily activities.

Once The LA Organizer has motivated her client to do the work of de-cluttering, the person’s stress level plummets. Another benefit is they save time and money because they can find their things and therefore, don’t need to replace them.

A strategy that Nancy uses with people who churn items is O.H.I.O (Only Handle It Once). In other words, Nancy encourages her clients to make a decision about an item the first time they touch it, instead of transferring it from one pile to the next. This method substantially reduces clutter.

Insider’s Tip: Put items away shortly after use, regularly discard unneeded items and recycle things.