Professional Closet Organizing


Walk in wardrobeTHE LA ORGANIZER will help you utilize your space more efficiently. Nancy Drobnis and her professional closet organizing staff can help you determine what items to keep and which items to sell or donate to charity. Everything that remains will be neatly organized for easy accessibility.

Getting dressed will be quick and effortless. You will readily see what you have and choose from things that you actually wear and like. Having an organized closet saves you money; you won’t re-buy the things you already own.

The LA Organizer will not only help organize your clothes, but also your shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves, belts and ties. You will be thrilled with the look and feel of your new closet space!

Our Approach To Professional Closet Organizing:

We will take a look at everything in your closet and decide what to donate and what to keep. Anything you have not worn in a year or more is fair game and should be considered for elimination. What remains is sorted by keeping like with like. For example, all long sleeve blouses are hung together by color, light to dark. Out of season and infrequently worn items will be stored on higher shelves or somewhere else.

Any clothing that will get stretched out of shape, gets stored on shelves and/or folded over hangers. Again, the philosophy of storing like items with like items applies here too. For example, all workout tops will be put together.

Whenever possible, handbags, belts, ties, scarves and other accessories are stored in plain sight inside your closet … on hooks or racks.

Containers or bins are often used to hold things that can’t be hung, such as socks and undergarments. There are many options for storing shoes and together we will pick the very best one for you!

Insider’s Tip: Just switching out all of the hangers in your closet to one type, will make it look a lot neater.