Professional Home Organizing

The LA Organizer can help make your Los Angeles home clutter-free! Nancy Drobnis will transform any space in your house or your apartment in order to maximize space and efficiency. You will be amazed at how much lighter you will feel; it’s like having a weight lifted off of your shoulders.

The less you have, the easier your items will fit into your space — and the less organizing you will have to do. Typically, we pull every article out of the problem area(s) and decide what to do with each item: keep, donate, or toss. Then, Nancy will organize what’s left. As they say, “A place for everything and everything in its’ place.” If there isn’t a specific spot for something on a shelf or in a drawer, The LA Organizer will designate an “address” that makes sense to you, for each and every item in your house. Like items will be stored with like items in “zones”, making it easier to find what you need and to know where to put things.

Kitchen with oak wood cabinetry
Bins, baskets, containers, and shelves can all be clearly labeled to identify what belongs inside. Nancy Drobnis will make recommendations about any storage items or furniture pieces that may need to be purchased. She provides space planning and decorating ideas as well. The LA Organizer will establish easy-to-use systems that will be simple to implement in the months and years to come.


Living a De-cluttered and Organized Life in Los Angeles has many benefits:

  • Makes everyday living simpler.
  • Saves money by not buying unneeded items.
  • More time to do other activities and be with the people you enjoy.
  • Provides more room for living and for the space to be used to its’ full potential.
  • Feel less stress in a clutter-free environment.
  • Increase your efficiency and productivity.
  • Want to have friends over and entertain.

Insider’s Tip: If you don’t use or like an object, then it’s time to part with it. Many of us hold onto things because we think they are valuable or have sentimental value. Only you know if items are worth keeping, but if they weigh you down, it may be best to give them away to someone who could really benefit from their use.