Professional Office Organizing

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The LA Organizer will help you feel re-energized by eliminating the clutter and organizing your work-space. It is much easier to focus and stay motivated when your desk and office are organized. You will also save time because you don’t have to look through piles of papers or search for a missing document on your computer. You will know where everything is at all times. An organized business is a productive business.

Nancy Drobnis, a professional Los Angeles office organizer, will assess your situation and make recommendations regarding the best approach. She starts by removing everything from on top of your desk. Only the supplies you use most often will stay on top of the desk. Items that are rarely used can be stored or put away. This will give your desk a neat and clean appearance.

Letter trays and file sorters will be recommended to avoid piles. Next, The LA Organizer will clear out your drawers, and together you will decide on a purpose for each one. Then, a customized filing system will be created for you, including labeled file folders and hanging files. Nancy Drobnis will also explain what documents need to be saved and what can be recycled or shredded.

If storage space is needed to help organize your belongings, Nancy can make space planning and product recommendations for shelving, file cabinets, book cases, drawers, and the like.

The LA Organizer will also offer guidance on processing the incoming mail so it doesn’t pile up, and you don’t have late fees from unpaid bills. You will have some mail that needs to be responded to immediately and some that can be categorized and filed.

Nancy Drobnis will also provide help with working toward going paperless – in other words, scanning documents and storing them in folders on your computer or in a cloud storage solution.

Insider’s Tip: Take a few minutes at the end of every day to clear off your desk and make it orderly. The next day, you will be able to find what you need and begin working right away. How nice!