“It is hard to describe how I felt after Nancy Drobnis organized my office. She did more in one day than I did in 8 years. You will feel fantastic if you give yourself the gift of finally becoming organized. You will experience increased productivity and profitability, not to mention a much lower stress level. Best of all, you will have time to do the things you truly enjoy!”
~Jill L.
Santa Monica

“My husband and I can not say enough wonderful things about Nancy Drobnis, The LA Organizer. We sold our large home that we lived in for over 40 years and downsized to small rental house. You can imagine how many things we had stuffed in all of our closets, bedrooms and the garage. Nancy was a miracle worker. She worked alongside us, helping to sort and make piles of what we wanted to keep, give away to family member and donate to charity. She even made the donations for us. Working with Nancy was a pleasure and she made a difficult task, easy.”
~Linda S.

“I met Nancy Drobnis in 2013 when I hired her to work on a project. Nancy is very professional, has great attention to detail, is responsible, trustworthy and delivers what she promises. One of the major projects Nancy took on for me was to transfer and catalogue my large video library. I was extremely pleased with the final result and have continued to use Nancy on other projects. In addition, my wife owns a jewelry design company and Nancy has been of great help to her. We continue to hire Nancy as opportunities arise and are happy to recommend her services.”
~Jay & Terry S.

“Nancy is a wonderful organizer. If it weren’t for her I would not have been able to reclaim use of my garage and my office space. She helped me put all of my important papers into the right place where I could locate them, and clean out boxes that had been sitting in my garage for quite some time. She is willing to work with you, is personable and has a great attitude.

“Thank you Nancy for all of your help!”
~Lisa S.

“After more than 10 years, our garage was cluttered with years of kids’ toys, outdated camping and skiing equipment, furniture and just plain old junk. Nancy helped us sift through everything and, once we had arrived at the set of things that would actually stay, Nancy had a vision for how to organize our space such that everything we use frequently is easily accessible and everything infrequently used is tucked away to maximize available space. We’re delighted at the result! Thank you Nancy!”
~David S.

“Nancy is a master at organizing.  We moved into new office space and Nancy provided a complete system for organizing our common office areas.  She took a chaotic hodgepodge of materials and efficiently sifted through them and organized the important items into a cohesive system we are still using.  We also needed storage containers and Nancy found just the right items for our project.  Nancy sent the items we didn’t need to proper recycling facilities.  Our office looks well organized and quite professional after her efforts!”
~Chris K.
Beverly Hills